be careful what you write…there’s always someone watching

February 4, 2009 marlafederman

leopardI am so amazed at what little privacy people allow themselves to have these days. It doesn’t take much to find out about any given person, just check facebook and you will know more about a person than you bargained for. Does anyone remember when sex offenders would pose as young teens in chat rooms, and convince teens to meet up? That was really frightening. There was one case in 2002 when a 13-year-old girl, Alicia Kozakiewicz met up with a “friend” she met on the internet only to be kidnapped and held captive in a cage in his basement, where she was beaten, tortured, and raped. It seems to me that everyone has forgotten about these cases. On Facebook and Myspace people are making it far too easy for crazed maniacs to find them. People are including everything from their favorite color to their exact street address. Not to mention the thousands of pictures scattered over their page. Geez, why not just hand him your life on a silver platter?

Safety is one thing, but image is another. Many of my fellow classmates are getting ready to graduate and with that comes the long, dreaded job search. Students are going to be applying everywhere, but without a clean, professional facebook profile, many won’t even be granted an interview. If you want a shot at getting a job, you’re going to have to take off all those drunken, party pictures and refrain from those oh so popular statuses revealing those unpleasant recreational activities that college students find it so necessary to boast about. It is probably a good time to start cleaning up your profile and become aware of what you say in social mediums because you never know who’s watching.

I was reading a recent blog by David Henderson about the PR account executive/vice president, James Andrews from Ketchum. He flew to Memphis to visit FedEx, one of the agency’s biggest clients and tweeted about how terrible the city was. Little did Andrews know that someone inside FedEx was following him. That person shared the post among the top executives at the FedEx front office, and the company’s corporate communications staff. Huge mistake on Andrews part. I am blown away that even someone as high up at Andrews would not think twice about posting the comment on twitter.

This goes to show that there are eyes everywhere, and you should only post, blog and tweet information that you are willing to share with everyone.


Image from Google Images by National Geographic



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