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February 11, 2009 marlafederman

startpr2I was browsing over all of the cool Web 2.0 applications on the other day when I came across this great social media management tool called StartPR. In my advanced PR writing class we have been discussing how important it is for companies to be well educated about social media so they can keep track of what is being said about their company in the blogosphere.

Every day hundreds of millions of people around the world are engaging in blogs and other social media networks. Many people blog about various companies, products, brands and services, which is why it is a good idea for businesses to start becoming familiar with social media.

One case that illustrates the importance of a company’s involvement in social media is the Comcast dilemma. If you aren’t familiar with this incident I will give you a brief overview of what happened. A man called Comcast because his recently installed modem wasn’t working. Comcast sent a technician to his house to fix his modem. The technician couldn’t figure out why the modem wasn’t working properly so he called Comcast for assistance. The technician spent over an hour on hold with Comcast and eventually fell asleep on the man’s couch. The man videotaped the technician sleeping on his couch and posted it on youtube. The man posted several blurbs on the video basically saying that Comcast provides horrible service to its customers. The man posted comments such as “ Thanks Comcast for long hold times…three missed appointments…for promising to call back and then not calling back…” You get the point. The man was not happy and he let everyone know it. This video was circulated around the web for several days before Comcast found out about it. This is where StartPR would have come in handy.

StartPR helps companies find, manage, and respond to mentions of their company, brand or products online. If Comcast had been monitoring the social media for mentions of its company, it would have seen the video and been able to deal with the problem quickly without accumulating so much bad PR.

StartPR helps companies keep up to date with what it being said about them in social media, and it also gives companies the opportunity to engage with bloggers and other social network users. Companies and PR firms who have several clients would probably be interested in using this application. StartPR makes it easy for firms and companies to monitor mention of their clients or company. This application is easy to use and free if you are tracking only one company, brand or product. StartPR gives you the option to receive updates by email when there is new mention of your company in social media. StartPR allows you to add as many people to the account and follow as many companies or clients as needed.

StartPR allows businesses to not only track mentions of their company on over 100 million blogs worldwide, but this program allows businesses to annotate and store the most important posts. This application is a great way for businesses to learn about potential problems quickly and address them before the problems escalate.

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