the octuplet mom

February 17, 2009 marlafederman

8babies4Ah the infamous Nadya Suleman. On January 26, 2009, 33-year-old Suleman from California gave birth to octuplets. Before the octuplets were born, Suleman already had six children; three of which have special needs. Suleman is single, unemployed and barely able to care for her six other children. Why she felt she needed another child is beyond me. In an interview with Ann Curry, Suleman confesses that the reason she wants so many children is to make up for her lonely childhood. Her first 6 children, as well as her eight most recent were conceived through in vitro fertilization provided by Dr. Michael M. Kamrava. Suleman has no job and no money, so guess who is going to end up footing the bills for this woman and her 14 children? California taxpayers. It’s no wonder this case has generated so much heat. First of all, this woman is selfish, deluded and clearly unfit to have this many children. Second, because of Suleman’s irresponsible choices, the residents of California are stuck paying for Suleman and her children. Lucky them.

 When I first read about this story on a USA Today blog it sparked my curiosity to want to learn more about this case. I knew that there had to be more to the story. I came across a post on Sprocket and Company’s blog called Trials and Tribulations that gave a long, detailed review of the Suleman case. The post is mainly focused on the financial aspects of this case and raised the question of whether or not Suleman is using her children to collect money. CaliGirl9, one of the bloggers for Trials and Tribulations, digs deeper into the Suleman case and discovers all of the financial aid she has been receiving. Three of her children are receiving generous sums of money each month for their disabilities. It kind of seems to me that Suleman is collecting kids to collect money.

 Who honestly wants 14 children? I know people who say that four children is more than enough. You can’t properly care and love that many children. This woman is either mentally unstable and  doesn’t realize the consequences of her actions or she is trying to use her children to manipulate the government system to reap the benefits. Or both.

 Suleman launched a website asking for donations to help support her family of 14.  Does she really think that people are going to want to help her out? Especially when California residents already have to pay her bills through their taxes.

 What Suleman needs right now is some good PR.  Suleman’s case was originally managed by Killeen Furtney Group (a PR firm), but the firm was forced to drop Suleman as a client because it was receiving death threats.  I don’t understand why any PR firm would want to take this woman on as a client in the first place. 

Here’s some public relations advice that I would offer Suleman.  I would recommend that she put the eight babies up for adoption; the babies deserve to live in a loving home with people who are able to provide for them. I would also recommend that Suleman get a job so that she can take care of her six other children. I think that if Suleman shows the public that she cares about people other than herself,  the public might be more willing to help her out until she can manage on her own. If Suleman can admit that she is wrong and made mistakes, I think the public would be more responsive and willing to support her.



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