the truth about fat burner pills

February 25, 2009 marlafederman


Every day a new diet pill or fat burner pill is introduced to the market promising to melt away fat with minimal effort. “Lose 20 pounds in two weeks! And you don’t have to work out at all and you can eat anything you want!” HA, yeah right! Most people would find bogus claims like this ridiculous but there must be people out there who believe them because the diet and fat burner pill industry is still going strong. I guess because so many people are fixated on having a perfect body, many will turn to fat burner pills. 

But the one thing most people don’t know is that fat burner pills are extremely dangerous. Ephedrine, aspirin, and caffeine are the three main ingredients in fat burner pills. Ephedrine, for those of you unfamiliar with this highly illegal drug, is the main raw ingredient for the formulation of methamphetamine. Just that right there should be a red flag. Ephrendrine if used by the wrong person, or the wrong dosage could result in death. Fat burner pills cause anxiety, heart palpations, and could cause seizures in some. The pills increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Need I go on?

Fat burner pills are not regulated by the FDA and companies can and do put whatever they want into the pills. So many people dying to try the newest diet pill fads actually believe that woman in the advertisement lost 50 pounds using the diet or fat burner pills. Um no way. The women in most of these advertisements are paid models who have probably never even tried diet or fat burner pills. 


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