give the guy a break

March 12, 2009 marlafederman


I love Melissa. I love Molly. I love Melissa. No I love Molly. The outcome of ‘The Bachelor’ has caused quite an uproar with the show’s female fans. In the season finale of ‘The Bachelor’, Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa, the beautiful brunette who was everyone’s favorite. Then weeks later Jason publicly dumped Melissa for Molly. Ouch. Fans, mostly women, were not happy. On Facebook, statuses read things like “Jason Mesnick- what a jerk” and “My heart just broke, poor Melissa.” YouTube was full of videos with girls giving Jason a piece of their mind as well. What he did upset a lot of people.

I agree that what Jason did to Melissa was humiliating and very sad, but in case you guys are forgetting ‘The Bachelor’ is a reality show. These people are being paid and coached by the director. Most of the girls on this show and others just want the spotlight and want to be on television. Honestly, I bet most of the girls on ‘The Bachelor’ didn’t even care about Jason. And that’s how it goes. Directors for reality shows pick attractive or people who they feel will bring drama to the show, because drama is what makes these shows entertaining. There is not much difference between reality shows and a show like Friends. The actors are paid in both, well not very well in reality shows, but they are still paid. Though the lines themselves might not be scripted, everything else that happens in the show is closely guided in whatever direction the director wants.

I think that Jason really cared about both girls in the end of the show, but his producers were urging him to choose Melissa, because it would make a better ending. Some people may say that Jason was messing with Melissa’s emotions by saying the things he said to her, but if Melissa was really searching for true love, the last place she should have gone is a reality show. Come on, what did you expect? These shows have direction, you aren’t necessarily able to do what you want, which is why I never understood why these shows are called reality shows because they far from reality. 

I think the fact that he dumped her on public television was what really got people riled up. But he didn’t really have a choice. He was forced to break up with Melissa publicly by his contract. That sucks but that’s reality show life. Please don’t find me heartless, I do feel bad for Melissa. I just think that Jason was genuinely confused and forced into decisions he didn’t really want to make by producers of the show. If these two people really wanted to find true love, they shouldn’t have gone looking for it on a show. It’s hard to sympathize because reality shows are for entertainment, and I don’t find them a lot different than a show like Friends.


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