CSR Presentation

PepsiCo Corporate Social Responsibility Slides

Creative/Strategy Brief

Client Name: PepsiCo

Project Name: Corporate Sustainability Report

Project Description/Purpose:

PepsiCo has developed a Corporate Responsibility Report focusing on human, environmental and talent sustainability. I focused on the human sustainability section of the corporate responsibility report. The human sustainability plan focuses on the reformulation of existing products and the development of new products to drive healthier consumption and nutrition. The plan has a strong emphasis on health/wellness programs that PepsiCo is involved with that promote exercise along with healthy eating. A major purpose for this plan is to address the growing concerns regarding childhood obesity trends in the United States.

Target Audiences:

PepsiCo serves the needs of two important groups: the consumers who purchase and consume our products, and the retailer and bottler customers who purchase and resell these items.

Messages/Talking Points:

· PepsiCo’s mission is to make PepsiCo the world’s premier consumer products company, focused on convenient foods and beverages.

· PepsiCo has developed a three-part corporate responsibility report that includes human, environmental, and talent sustainability.

· The two main focuses of the human sustainability plan are to provide healthy foods and beverages and encourage exercise or physical activity among children.

· There are three benefits of the human sustainability plan: expand customer base, build reputation, and an increase in sales.


This project is conversational and detailed. It is conversational because it is written in terms that anyone could understand and it is detailed because I go into quite a bit of detail about the human sustainability plan and the different parts that make it up.


Success will be measured by comments after the presentation.

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